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Idiot's (Man's) Guide, by a MAN: Pinterest...

"     Pinterest. Although it was a site that was created by men, it is known for being the place women go to pick out things like monogrammed bath t..."

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Idiot's (Man's) Guide, by a MAN: Fabrics...

"  Fabrics   Fabrics. There are a number of different types of fabrics, each made up of a different type of material, often with a different type of..."

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FABULOUS chairs on a budget!...

"    FABULOUS Chairs    Since we talked about tables last week, this week we will focus on the seating. Chairs are a big part of your wedding and re..."

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Idiot's (Man's) Guide, by a MAN: Couture...

"  Couture Couture means that it is custom and handmade to your requirements. It is a style that is all your own. In other words, it is like a custom..."

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FABULOUS Tables on a Budget...

"     Tables, you will NEED tables for your wedding! You may not need them for the ceremony but definitely for the reception! How many tables you need..."

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FABULOUS Centerpieces on a Budget...

"   The Centerpiece    Your centerpiece, such a small thing but something that makes a HUGE difference. You don't want to be too simple and have you..."

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