Flowers add ambiance and set the backdrop for your romantic wedding or elegant dinner.

Cake Plateaus make your cake look absolutely equisite when used to enhance the beauty, theme, and size of your signature wedding cake.

Linens, chair ties, and napkins come in a variety of colors and size.  Mix and match the the different colors and textures to create the style you want. 

Chair covers come in white, ivory, black and brown

Unforgettables has a number of tables in every shape and size to meet your needs.  Use the size chart below to get an idea how many tables you will need to seat your guests.

Ceiling treatments add elegance to any affair, whether it is over the dance floor, or the entire event disguising unsightly ceilings.  For larger events, we have a beautiful parachute that could cover nearly 10,000 sq feet provided your ceilings are taller than 20ft and has strong beams to attach it to.


Wall treatments transform your event into something magical.  Unforgettables will set up a "wall treatment" including lighting for only $300 plus a small surcharge for delivery.


Unforgettables offers three different dance floors:  Brown laminate dance floor (up to 24 3x4 sections), White laminate dance floor (up to 32 sections 3x3) as well as a black laminate (up to 32 sections 3x3)  Note:  White and black laminate flooring can be interchanged to make a larger dance floor, in checker board or geometric designs.

In the hot, humid state of Arkansas and Oklahoma, cool your events with fans, and humidifiers.

In the winter or cooler months, Unforgettables' has patio heaters available to make your guests and events more comfortable, they are $75 per  heater, that comes with a full propane tank.

Unforgettables has pipe-n-draping for every event.  Our professionals are known throughout the River Valley, Fort Smith, and Northwest Arkansas area for setting up large events where booths are required.  Our professional staff can transform Weddings and special events with a variety of specialized satin panels at various heights and colors, and for a stress free event, will set it up.

Lighting can make a world of difference at your event. At Unforgettables we can show you how much of a difference a little bit of lighting can make. Make that special event that much more perfect with the right mood and ambiance. For a spectacular event, Unforgettables' recommends par 38 lightings, regular 60 watt lights are $10, LED's are $20.


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